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Stock Specifications

Our stock is filmed on a Sony EX1 with a Convergent Design nanoFlash.

We chose this combination because it gives us the ability to capture native FULL HD i.e. with square pixels at 1920x1080p. This provides superior image quality over CCD-based cameras that use super-sampling (spatial offsetting) to achieve HD resolutions.

The nanoFlash allows us to capture to the XDCAM HD422 CODEC doubling the color resolution of the EX1's native CODEC. This allows for far superior image quality in general and is essential when chroma keying.

Stock is supplied a various resolutions as indicated, generally being HD, SD and Web. The HD and SD stock is provided as a lossless PNG image sequence and the Web format is provided in a Quicktime container (.MOV) using lossless PNG codec.

Unless otherwise indicated, all stock is pre-keyed with an alpha-channel matte. In general the RGB channels of the HD and SD versions are included un-modified, so if you don't like our key you have the ability to create your own.

Here we have provided a full HD sample of our work as a free download.

Note that we have kept the download to 60MB by providing only a selection of frames in the original sequence. Every 10th frame is watermark free.

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